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Getting Started with Amazon Redshift Spectrum

Wednesday September 20th 2017, 11AM ET

Join Matillion in our webinar series on Amazon Redshift Spectrum.  Each webinar in this series will provide you more in depth information and best practices on Spectrum. 

In this first webinar, learn more about getting started with Amazon Redshift Spectrum. Spectrum allows you to use the analytic capabilities of Amazon Redshift beyond the data which is in your data warehouse to query large amounts of semistructured and structured data in your “data lake,” without having to load or transform it into Amazon Redshift. 

In this webinar learn:

  • What is Amazon Redshift Spectrum?
  • How to set up AWS Security for Amazon Redshift Spectrum
  • What are external schemas and external tables
  • How to query S3 data with Redshift SQL via Amazon Redshift Spectrum using Matillion ETL

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Coming Soon: The next 2 webinars in the Spectrum Webinar Series:

  • October 4, 11AM EST: Using Amazon Redshift Spectrum from Matillion ETL
  • October 18, 11AM EST: Accessing your Data Lake assets from Amazon Redshift Spectrum 

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