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From Data Source to Dashboard in no time!

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Businesses have an abundance of data sources today, ranging from Facebook and Google Ads to website and sales data, making it difficult to gain a holistic view into business metrics. In order to make make informed decisions across the multitude of data sources, businesses need a centralized, single source of truth for their data that is reliable and can empower action across departments.


Register for this on demand webinar and hear from Quin Chung, Head of Analytics at Urban Massage, to learn about his experience in setting up a scalable and functional data analytics platform to generate meaningful insights.


Set up a scalable, hassle-free
data analytics solution

We'll cover the following topics in detail:

  • How to lay the foundations for a data analytics platform from ETL to Database to Data Visualization
  • Best practices and tips on centralizing data from multiple sources
  • Data modelling and governance: why is it important?
  • Democratizing data across all teams

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