What Makes Matillion ETL for Snowflake Better?

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It’s State-of-the-Art

We reversed the traditional ETL process (from Extract-Transform- Load to Extract-Load-Transform) to create an ELT solution that performs data integration within the cloud itself.

It’s Platform-Native...

We designed and built it specifically for Snowflake, so that our push-down ELT architecture can take full advantage of its raw computing power.

...and Cloud-Native

Our solution utilizes the near-infinite storage capacity of the cloud—meaning your projects get near-infinite scalability.

It’s Simple

By working in the cloud, we reduce the complexity involved in moving large amounts of data.

It’s Fast

Process a billion rows of data in fifteen minutes—and go from launch to live in just five.

“[U]se Matillion if you use Snowflake.” —MATT BOEGNER, UPSIDE

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