Matillion ETL: Data integration for Google BigQuery

Fast, scalable, simple data loading and transformation built specifically for Google BigQuery

Matillion ETL Features

ELT architecture

Simple scalable infrastructure. Fast performance.

Intuitive user experience

Low barrier to higher productivity

Built for Google BigQuery

No-compromise cloud-first design.

Retail-like purchasing

Try and buy on Google Cloud Platform, pay as you go.

Benefit Highlights


Simplify infrastructure, speed development, and boost performance

Ease of use

Increase productivity and cut costs with fast onboarding and ease of use

Purpose built

Load and transform data seamlessly with a solution purpose-built for Google BigQuery


Purchase and deploy easily with affordable per-use pricing, exclusively through Google Cloud Platform

Who Uses Matillion?

We evaluated all tools available and chose Matillion - it’s delightful to use!


You guys are redefining ELT!