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Getting Started with Amazon Redshift

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Wednesday January 10, 2018, 12PM EST

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Start planning your data strategy for 2018 with our webinar on Amazon Redshift. Whether you are a seasoned Redshift user, or just getting started, our webinar on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, will show you all the tips and tricks to quickly and easily get moving and start working with your data in Redshift. Learn how Amazon Redshift can help you quickly and effortlessly analyze your data to make smart business decisions, and how Matillion ETL can help you save time and money by getting your data into Redshift in just a few minutes.

Watch our webinar and learn:

An overview of petabyte scale data warehouses, the architecture, and use cases

An introduction to Amazon Redshift’s parallel processing, columnar, and scaled out architecture

Learn how to configure your data warehouse cluster, optimize your scheme, and quickly load your data

An overview of all the latest features of Amazon Redshift

How Matillion ETL works with Redshift and can help you load massive amounts of data in minutes

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Wednesday January 10, 2018 12PM EST