Getting Started with Amazon Redshift - Best Practices

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With the increased volume of data that companies continue to produce, understanding and getting the most value of that data is critical to be successful.

Amazon Redshift has revolutionized the way companies handle their mass amounts of data. With it’s massive columnar data store, it can deal with billions of rows of data at just a few pennies per hour. It’s affordability & flexibility is why companies choose Amazon Redshift.

Amazon Redshift can help you work with your data, but understanding how Redshift works and best practices is key to success. Read Matillion and AWS’ guide on “Getting Started with Amazon Redshift - Best Practices” to learn best practices and start harnessing the Power of Amazon Redshift”.

In our eBook:

  • Get an overview of Amazon Redshift
  • Best Practices for Loading Data
  • Best Practices for Querying Data
  • How Matillion ETL for Redshift can help you quickly and easily load your data into Redshift.

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