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Simplifying Your Journey to the Cloud: The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Data Warehouse

As companies grow, so does the volume of their data. Without the proper solutions in place to quickly store, measure and analyze that data, its usefulness quickly declines.

Join Snowflake, Matillion, and Slalom Consulting for a joint webinar on Wednesday, December 13th at 11AM, EST, to find out why companies are increasingly turning towards cloud-based data warehousing to derive more value out of their data and apply their findings to make smarter business decisions. The webinar will cover core topics including:

  • The benefits of using Snowflake’s unique architecture for interacting with data.
  • How Matillion can help you quickly load and transform your data to maximize its value.
  • Expert advice on how to apply data warehousing and ETL best practices.

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Wednesday 13th December,