Using Google Cloud for Marketing Analytics

Using Google Cloud for Marketing Analytics:

How the7stars, the UK’s largest independent media agency, saved time and money using Google Cloud and Matillion ETL

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Accelerating Marketing Insights with Google Cloud and Matillion ETL

the7Stars, the leading UK Digital Marketing agency, has global clients ranging from Nintendo to Suzuki to Iceland. With growing data volumes, the7Stars faced the challenge of centralizing all their customers’ marketing data for quick and easy analysis.

In this joint webinar, you will hear about how the7Stars are using Google BigQuery as their data warehouse collating data from many different sources, allowing them to grow their business and attract new customers. the7Stars is also using Matillion ETL to combine the data from different sources and load it all into BigQuery enabling agile and responsive market analysis giving their clients a competitive edge, while saving time and money.

Join Google, Matillion and the7Stars for a joint webinar to find out more about 7 Stars’ solution and success story, including:

  • the7Stars’ data journey for maximizing value
  • Google BigQuery, BigQuery Data Transfer Service and best practices for marketing analytics
  • How to collect data from different sources and streamline transformations and queries in Google BigQuery with Matillion ETL
  • Benefits being actualized by 7 Stars, such as saving time/money and growing their customer base

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