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Thanks for your interest in Matillion ETL for Redshift on the AWS Marketplace. 


Attend a free 1 hour training session, worth $250, and in return we'll give you a free $100 AWS credit voucher that you can use for whatever you like.



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We run a number of weekly open training sessions or alternatvely, you can request a one-to-one session to discuss your individual use case. These sessions include:


  • Complete product tour and demonstration

  • Best practice advice, both on Matillion and Redshift in general

  • Q&A on your Matillion, Redshift and AWS issues

There's no catch.  We just want to help you be a success with AWS, Redshift and Matillion.

Schedule a time for your free training session and get your $100 AWS credit. Fill out the form, or give us a call at 01565 759 884 (UK) or 1-844-MATILLION (US).