What Makes Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift the Highest-Rated Product on the AWS Marketplace?

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It’s State-of-the-Art

We reversed the traditional ETL process (from Extract-Transform-Load to Extract-Load-Transform) to create an ELT solution that performs data integration within the cloud itself.

It’s Platform-Native...

We designed and built it specifically for Amazon Redshift, so that our push-down ELT architecture can take full advantage of its raw computing power.

...and Cloud-Native

Our solution utilizes the near-infinite storage capacity of the cloud—meaning your projects get near-infinite scalability.

It’s Simple

By working in the cloud, we reduce the complexity involved in moving large amounts of data.

It’s Fast

Process a billion rows of data in fifteen minutes—and go from launch to live in just five.

“We had evaluated other tools in the past but nothing came even close to Matillion.” —Udayan Pani, Axtria

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