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How to Build a Governed Data Lake

Webinar: December 11, 2018
11:00AM EST

Data Lakes provide modern businesses like yours with a safe and accessible central repository for a multitude of varying data - ranging from structured to unstructured, and current to historical.


Consolidating ALL your business’ data into a data lake, however, runs the risk of pollution creating a murky swamp, rather than a pristine resource full of answers you can go fishing for. Building a governed data lake can help your business make the most of all this diverse data.


Register for our webinar to find out what a governed data lake architecture looks like and how Matillion can help you load your business' data directly into a data lake, simplifying complex data flows while accommodating business rules creating a logical and controlled data lake fit for purpose.

What to consider when you are considering a Data Lake

Join our next webinar to:

  • Learn the key differences between a cloud data warehouse and a data lake
  • See an example of a governed data lake architecture
  • Learn how Matillion can help your business successfully employ a data lake strategy
  • Get tips on what data is best stored in a data lake vs. cloud data warehouse, and how Matillion can load data to either and change the shape of your data across both

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