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Matillion SF Webinar DL LP

[On-Demand Webinar] 
Designing a Data Lake: Learn from the Experts

Businesses today generate large amounts of data that they need to utilize to gain insights. How can businesses go about consolidating all of their data from diverse source systems?

A data lake allows you to store all types of data, in any volumes, and make that data available for analytics when you’re ready. Watch the webinar recording to overcome ambiguity and get a data lake education.


You will learn:

  • What is a data lake

  • What are the benefits of a Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

  • How to leverage the benefits of the cloud for a modern data architecture

  • How to transform semi-structured data and track lineage

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Learn from experts Kent Graziano, Chief Technical Evangelist and Strategic Advisor at Snowflake, and Paul Johnson, Solution Architect at Matillion how to leverage Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) or Azure Blob to build your data lake on Snowflake.

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